Every Monday, we release an hour-long interview exploring narratives about progress.

We focus on the ways the world is better than in the past, the ways it is worse, and paths toward a better, more definite vision of the future. 

Narratives is hosted by Will Jarvis.


48: Erisology with John Nerst

John blogs at Transcript: Will Jarvis 0:04Hey folks, I’m William Jarvis, along with my dad, Dr. David Jarvis. I host the podcast narratives. narratives is a project exploring the ways in which the world is better than it has been the ways it...

25: Karl Popper with Jon Guze

Jon Guze is the Director of Legal Studies at John Locke. Jon is an expert on Karl Popper, the law, and governance. In this episode, we talk about Popper’s theory of knowledge, civil asset forfeiture, and eugenics in North Carolina. Show notes:...

8: Domestication

Why does your dog act like a dog and not your cat? Why does your cat not act like your dog? If cats are better hunters than dogs (hint: they are), why do we hunt with dogs instead of cats? Why do we ride horses rather than cows? Why are cows...