About Us

Will Jarvis

My name is Will Jarvis. I’m a technologist in my mid-twenties currently located in the RTP region of North Carolina. I work on building startups, and trying to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. I currently run marketing and operations for the machine learning startup Tanjo.

I’m often talking, reading, or writing on: effective altruism, public choice economics, finance, life extension, social science, global existential risks, and cryonics. I also organize the RTP Slate Star Codex meetup every month. You can find out more about that here. 

I’m married to the beautiful and talented Abby Ward. I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Narratives is a project exploring the ways in which the world is better than it has been, the ways that it is worse, and the paths toward making a better, more definite future.

David Jarvis

Old man can still jump!

My name is David Jarvis and I’m a retired endodontist living on the outskirts of a small town in eastern North Carolina.  I’m interested in acoustic music, a broad range of historical subjects, effective means of improving the standard of living globally and diet/exercise/nutrition.

When I’m not participating in Crossfit with my friends at Crossfit Wilson (outside of the occasional pandemic of course), I’m playing the guitar, reading something interesting or trying to make the perfect risotto to go with my favorite Belgian beer.

The rest of the time I just try to be Dad.